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Imax: 3A

Vmax: 2V

Qmax: 4.2W

DTmax: 61.5°C

Size: 12×12×3.7mm


ATE1-17-3AS has 17 pairs of Peltier elements inside with a maximum voltage of 2.0 Volt. They are designed for regulating the temperature of the target objects precisely and can be controlled by our TEC controllers to build highly stable and efficient temperature regulating systems. ATE1-17-3AS can be used with our thermistors as well to achieve precise and stable temperature sensing. 

Internal Solder Melting Temperature: 135°C.

Maximum TEC Plate Temperature allowed: 125°C.


Maximum Input Voltage: 2V

Low Cost

Long Life Time

100% Lead (Pb)-free and RoHS Compliant

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