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ATW3A314D (Under Development)

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The ATW3A314D is a compact high efficiency electronic module designed to control TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers) for regulating a target object temperature to be within a pre-set temperature window. When the target object temperature falls within the pre-set temperature window range, the controller puts itself into a standby mode, decreasing energy consumption to a minimum level; when the target object temperature reaches the upper bound of the temperature window, the controller cools down the target object so that its temperature regulated to be equal to the upper bound of the window temperature; when the target object temperature reaches the lower bound of the window, the controller heats up the target object so that its temperature remains to be equal to the lower bound of the window temperature.


The world’s first window based TEC controller: stands by automatically when the target object temperature is within a pre-set temperature window

Programmable set-point temperature window

High efficiency: ≥90%

Seebeck voltage available

Switching frequency synchronizable to an external signal

Programmable maximum output current: 0 to 3A

Programmable maximum output voltage: 0 to VPS

Actual object temperature monitoring

Completely shielded: zero EMI

Compact size

DIP and SMT packages available

100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant 

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