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Application prospect of thermoelectric cooling technology in temperature control of composite materials

In practical application, the thermoelectric modules are often placed inside of devices, and even they can be directly combined with devices needing refrigeration into a whole. For example, in optical application, the thermoelectric module can be a part of a detector or diode; in a semiconductor device, it can become a whole with the ceramic package. This lays the foundation for developing composite materials with temperature control-structure integration or even intelligent temperature control composite materials.

Especially with the further miniaturization of the refrigeration module structure, the adverse effects of internal contact layer resistance, heat conduction and thermal radiation will be more significant. Therefore, the thin film integrated structure with strong compatibility will become the mainstream development direction of microelectronic cooling technology.

Thus, thermoelectric cooler (TEC) with the integrated design and integration technology of aerospace vehicles in the aspects of function and structure satisfies the future development trend of thermoelectric cooling technology, especially in the application of aerospace. Based on composite materials of TEC temperature control and intelligent temperature control, the organic combination of TECs, structural materials and functional materials is a major development direction of future application of thermoelectric cooling technology.

If you have any questions and suggestions about TECs, please feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to receive your feedback.

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Analysis of LED market prospects

2015年9月14日星期一 America/Los_Angeles上午2时13分36秒

LED is the abbreviation of light emitting diode, which is a solid light emitting device of semiconductor. Using light emitting materials of solid semiconductor chips, carriers in semiconductor will composite, cause photon emission and produce light, when the two ends of LED are with forward voltage. LED can directly emit red, yellow, blue, green, green, orange, purple and white light.

Our country has huge lighting market of LED and also has strong industrial foundation of lighting. With the development of semiconductor lighting technology, performance improvement of LED lighting and the reducing of cost, China's LED lighting market outlook will gradually appear.

(1)   The huge demand of lighting.

In our country, lighting market is very huge because traditional lighting sources have disadvantages of big energy consumption, low brightness and unsafe. LED lighting will replace the traditional light source and lamp.

(2)   A good lighting industrial base.

As lighting industry foundation is very strong, our country is the world's largest producer of lighting sauce and light lamps. According to statistics of China Lighting Electric Appliance Association, in 2010, the outputs of national incandescent lamps are 3.8 billion and fluorescent lamp production are 6.69 billion, of which the yields of fluorescent lamps of straight tube are 1.83 billion, the yields of ring-shaped fluorescent lamps are 1.8 billion and the yields of CFL are 4.43 billion. In 2010, the national production of HID lamp is 174 million, of which high pressure mercury lamp production is 56 million, high pressure sodium lamp production is 54 million, and metal halide lamp production is 63 million. At the same time, China's lighting consumption is mainly provided by the domestic production enterprises, andthe imported products accounted for less than 5% in the domestic consumer market. Nearly 70% of domestic production is for export. A good lighting industrial basewill not only provide a reliable supply of products in domestic market of LED lighting, but also provides a very good support of promoting cost performance of LED through scale effect.

(3)   Government support policies

From a policy perspective, the State supports the LED lighting industry development through establishing the engineering research of national semiconductor lightingand industry alliance, introduce related financial support measures, policies and regulations and other means. Through fiscal subsidy way, the yields of efficient lighting products will be more than 150 million. In order to make the policy benefit more residents in rural areas, it is clearly demanded that the promotion proportion is not less than 30% of the total in this year. In addition, China will also produce hold the LED street lamps, landscape lighting and large billboard projects, which are needed in large-scale activities. These will have a great inspiration for LED industry prospects.

With the development of economy and technology, it is believed that LED will be more and more popular.

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Characteristic analysis of TEC refrigeration cycle (III)

2015年8月31日星期一 America/Los_Angeles下午8时32分44秒

From (3), (13) and (14), it is shown that when Th -Tc>△Tmax, the cooling capacity qc<0. At the same time, TEC cannot cool, but start heating, which is not allowed in practical work. So the working current should be controlled in range of I0IIsat, which can ensure the cooling capacity qc≥0. Although based on the analysis of the cooling capacity qc, the general range of working current can be determined, but in practical work, the refrigeration coefficient is still an important indicator. From (9), when the working current of TEC satisfies the following relations, the TEC can reach the maximum refrigeration coefficient βmax:


Where, Iopt is the working current in the condition of meeting the optimal refrigeration coefficient; Z is the figure of merit, ;.The relationship among current I, cooling capacity qc and β is shown in the figure 3. When Ish<I<0 and W<0, TEC is in the power generation mode. When I<Ish、0<I<I0 and I>Isat, the cooling capacity of TEC qc<0 and it will heat the cold load, which should be avoided as far as possible in practical work. When 0<I<Isat, the amount of heating load is small because there exists the Peltier effect reducing the impact of heat resistance in the cold end. Only when the current meetsI0<I<Isat, TEC can work normally in the cooling mode; when I=I0 or I=Isat, it cannot cool. The cooling capacity qc is a quadratic function about current I, so qc is symmetric in the two interval, I0<I<Isat and Imax<I<Isat. However, when considering that the refrigeration coefficient β increases with the current increasing in the range of I0<I<Iopt and decreases with the current increasing in the range of Iopt<I<Isat, so he refrigeration coefficient should be considered at the same time with improving cooling capacity and the working current in Imax<I<Isat is not selected in general. Obviously, TEC has two extreme ways of working, the maximum refrigeration coefficient operation mode and the maximum cooling capacity operation mode. The former is the operation mode of variable voltage and variable operating current; the latter is the operation mode of constant working voltage and working current. But in the actual work, the hot and cold end temperature of thermoelectric cooler is changing, and it generally works between the maximum refrigeration coefficient and the maximum refrigeration capacity, so the current needs to be regulatedaccording to the actual situation.

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Keywords: TEC, thermoelectric cooler

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Functions of Capacitor Kits

2014年5月3日星期六 America/Los_Angeles下午12时22分12秒

Originally recognized as a condenser, a capacitor is an electrical component, which preserves energy in an electric field. The capacitor only stores the electrons, but can’t produce them. It is comprised 2 electrical conductors separated by a dielectric, known as insulator. The conductors, the metal plates, when attached to power source build up electric charge. The two plates mount up positive as well as negative charge. The amount of electric charge stored or preserved in the capacitor at 1 volt is the capacitance.

In other words, a capacitor is characterized by the parameter capacitance. It is measured in units of F (Farad).Capacitors are of different types depending on the purpose. The capacitors that are being used widely include electrolytic, ceramic, mica, mylar and the likes.

How does it Work?

The capacitor is used for different applications depending on its types and sizes of dielectric used. There are capacitors that can be used for low voltage as well as high voltage applications. For example, tuning circuit air is extensively used as the dielectric in radio applications. For applications in timer, the dielectric is the circuit mylar. Glass is usually used for high voltage applications. For MRI and X-ray machine applications, ceramic is normally preferred.

In a capacitor, the dielectric material plays an integral part in storing and preserving the electrical energy.

Advantages of Capacitors:

Capacitors kits have a number of advantages as they can discharge within a fraction of a second. They are used in various applications that need high speed usage, such as in laser techniques and camera flash. In these applications, capacitors need to function quickly and they are capable of that. Capacitors come very handy in removing ripples by exterminating the peaks and filling in the valleys. They are further used in ACs as they allow the ac voltage to pass through and block dc voltage.

Where to Buy Capacitor Kit?

At www.analogti.com, youwill find best capacitor kits at the most pocket-friendly prices.

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Uses of Laser Diode Drivers

2014年4月27日星期日 America/Los_Angeles下午9时40分24秒

When it comes to laser diode drivers, there are certain things that need to be kept in mind. For the driving of laser diodes, special types of driver circuits are employed. They can work in 2 ways. Firstly by producing constant regulated voltage and secondly by producing constant current driven through the LD load. Both the methods are extensively used to work the driving of laser diodes. For an improved result, it is essential to do the required functions in a right sequence. This can ensure to give better outcome and then you easily rely on the diode laser drivers.


The 2nd type can be designed easily instead of first one. Use different types of circuits for their execution. The main DIY circuits are based on the LM317 chip. Various kinds of constant current drivers are also available in the market to choose from. They are designed by professionals. So you do not need to worry about the quality aspect. However, it is important to take care of the all precautions to avoid any problem. When you have all possible info about the diode laser drivers, it would be convenient to employ the circuits in a better way.

Analog Technologies offers good quality of laser diode drivers at reasonable prices. They are available easily and you can get them with minimal efforts. Simply go through the available choices and checkout them thoroughly. Get a good idea and pick the suitable one depending on your needs. Ensure that you consider a wide range of driving currents. Also make sure to choose easy to regulate and design drivers. They give optimum result and work with no trouble for a longer period of time. In case more current is required, small schematics changes can be done. They ensure to also provide better outcome. A number of diode laser drivers are available to select so you have more choices.

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