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Electronic Components

The World's Only Professional SMT Component Kits!

Datasheet for Super SMT Component Enclosure Datasheet for SMT Resistor Kits
Datasheet for SMT Capacitor Kits    Datasheet for SMT Inductor Kits

We offer an effective solution for organizing surface mount electronic components, which are getting more and more popular in the present world. Resistor Kits, Capacitor Kits and Inductor Kits with all component values pre-sorted and labeled would be your best choices.

Resistor Kits, Capacitor Kits& Inductor Kits are all using our patented Super SMT Component Enclosure as the container. The component enclosure has the size of a regular letter size paper and can be placed on the work bench without taking much space. It has 128 individually lidded coverlets and one final top cover. The foam pad inside the top cover keeps all the coverlets closed when the top cover is closed and locked.

SMT Resistor Kits: Different resistor sizes: 1206, 0805, 0603, and 0402; different total amount of values: 128 values and 510 values; different amount of resistors for each value: 50pc/value, 100pc/value, 200pc/value and 500pc/value.
SMT Capacitor Kits: Different capacitor sizes: 0402, 0603, 0805, and 1206; different total amount of values: 77 values, 83 values, 79values, and 70 values; different pieces per value: 200pcs/value, 100pcs/value, and 50pcs/value.
SMT Inductor Kits: Different inductor sizes: 1008, 0805, 0603, and 0402; diffferent total amount of values: 88 values, 85 values, 74 values, and 60 values; different pieces value: 100pcs/value, 50pcs/value and 20pcs/value.

SMT Component Enclosure

128 individually coverlets;
One final top cover; capacitors, inductor and other electronic components. 

  SMT Resistor Kits 

Resistor Kits contain:
1206 1/4W 1% resistors
0805 1/8W 1% resistors
0603 1/10W 1% resistors
0402 1/16W 1% resistors
0603 5% resistors
0805 5% resistors

  SMT Capacitor Kits

Capacitor Kits contain:
1206 capacitors
0805 capacitors
0603 capacitors
0402 capacitors

SMT Inductor Kits

Inductor Kits contain:
1008  inductors
0805 inductors
0603 inductors
0402 inductors 


Product List
  Part # Imax Loop # Linear/Switch
ATCDB12 ATCDB12 N/A Linear