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SMT Component Enclosure

Datasheet for Super SMT Component Enclosure

This Super SMT Component Enclosure has 128 individually lidded compartments, all covered by a top cover. There is a foam pad under the top cover, pressing down all the 128 lids onto their closing positions, thus, they can tolerate strong vibration and shock when the enclosure is closed, so that the electronic components inside will never be leaked out. There are 2 rubber feet on the bottom of this SMT component enclosure, which will lock into the 2 slots on the top cover of another enclosure when stacking enclosures together. On the top surface of the , there is a label area, in which a label can be placed or marks can be hand written, for identifying the internal contents of the enclosure.

The SMT Component Enclosure can also be called smt organizer, smt box or electronic component box and applied for enclosing SMT components, such as chip resistors, capacitors, inductors, ICs, etc. You can also call it electronic component kit, SMT component organizers, SMT component box, etc. There is also a side label area so that when the enclosures are stacked together, the internal contents can be seen easily from the label on the side.

When ordering an empty enclosure, it comes with a set of labels, which can be hand written or laser printer printed with proper legend for each lid and the top and side labels. Using this SMT organizer will make your lab bench top neat and your parts well be organized.

We have two enclosures, SK128 and SK128B. The SK128 has square lids and doesn’t leak large-size components, such as 1206 or larger, but would leak small size parts; SK128B has round lids and doesn’t leak components even down to 0402.

Empty Enclosure-SK200

The Super Kits Enclosure SK200 is newly developed by ATI, which has 200 compartments for enclosing SMT components, such as chip resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, triodes, LEDs, ICs, etc.

 12.2" (L) x 9.5" (W) x 1.6" (H) or

309mm(L) x 242mm(W) x 40mm(H)

  Empty Enclosure-SK128B

Super SMT Component Enclosure with 128 lidded compartments for SMT parts with round lids

0. 63”(L) × 0.89”(W) × 0. 65”(D) or

16mm(L) × 22.6mm(W) × 16.5mm(D)

  130 Empty labels for Empty Enclosure One set of coverlet labels: > 130 small empty labels + 2 top labels and 2 front labels

If you are interested in SMT component kits with electronic components already inside, Please click on here: SMT Resistor Kits, SMT Capacitor Kits, and SMT Inductor Kits

Datasheet for SMT Resistor Kits
Datasheet for SMT Capacitor Kits
Datasheet for SMT Inductor Kits


Product List
  Part # Imax Loop # Linear/Switch
Empty Enclosure-SK128B Empty Enclosure-SK128B N/A No
SK200 SK200 N/A No