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SMT Inductor Kits

Datasheet for SMT Inductor Kits

Our Super SMT Inductor Kits™ come with different sizes, 1008, 0805, 0603 and 0402; different pieces for each value, 200pcs, 100pcs, and 50pcs per value. The total amount of values is different too, 77 values, 83 values, 79 values and 60 values.

We have spent almost one year to design and optimize the SMT Inductor Kits. All the inductors inside of the SMT Inductor Kits were selected carefully to have the best characteristics set, the highest current capability, the lowest DC resistance, and the highest cut-off frequency and Q value when compared with any other inductors of the same size and inductance.

This SMT Inductor Kits are based on our  unique SMT Component Enclosure, which has 128 individually lidded coverlets and one top cover. All the surface mount inductors are pre-sorted and stored in the Super SMT Component Enclosure™ with all inductance values printed clearly on each lid.

  0402 SMT Inductor Kits

0402 SIze

74 Values

SMT Inductor Kits

  0603 SMT Inductor Kits

 0603 SIze

88 Values

SMT Inductor Kits

0805 SMT Inductor Kits

0805 SIze

85 Values

SMT Inductor Kits 

1008 SMT Inductor Kits 

 1008 SIze

60 Values 

SMT Inductor Kits

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Datasheet for Super SMT Component Enclosure