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SMT Resistor Kits

Datasheet for SMT Resistor Kits

Super SMT Resistor Kits™ is an oganizer for storing resistors. The resistor kit has two types: 128 values/kit (use 1 enclosure) and 510 values/set (use 4 enclosures and 128 vlaues per kit), the latter include all the values specified by the E24, E48 and E96 EIA Standards respectively.

We simply divide our resistor kits into 1% and 5% resistor kits, among which 1% and 5% refer to resistor accuracy. The 510-value resistor kits cover all the 510 values plus extended low end values, from 0 Ohm to 10 Ohm, and high end values, from 1M to 20M. For the quantity of the resistors per value, we offer four choices: 50pc/value, 100pc/value, 200pc/value, and 500pc/value. There are also differential resistor kits available, with different pcs for each value.

This SMT Resistor Kits are based on the world's only special container of ours: SMT Component Enclosure,  which has 128 individually lidded coverlets and one top cover. All the surface mount resistors are pre-sorted and stored in the Super SMT Component Enclosure™ with all resistance values printed clearly on each lid.

  1% Super SMT Resistor Kits SMT Resistor Kits with resistors of 1% accuracy
  SMT Resistor Kits with resistors of 5% accuracy

If you are interested in electronic component kits with capacitors and inductors inside, pease click on here: SMT Capacitor Kits, and SMT Inductor Kits.

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