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DC Input Laser Drivers

Laser Drivers Selection Guide

DC laser drivers are electronic modules designed for driving diode lasers with stable, low noise, and constant current.
Some laser drivers are designed to achieve high efficiency at high output current, while others emphasize at low output noise.
Most laser drivers have one or two conrol loops but one loop is for driving the laser, and the 2nd loop is for protection purpose. However, some laser drivers have dual loop, both of them can be used for controlling the laser.
Therefore, our diode laser drivers are catagorized into three catagories: High Efficiency Laser Driver, Low Noise Laser Driver, and Dual Loop Laser Driver.


Dual Mode Laser Drivers Dual mode laser drivers often have 2 control modes: constant current and constant power. The former makes the output current stable, while the latter makes the output optical power stable.
Ultra Low Noise Laser Drivers
Ultra low noise laser drives use linear mode output stage, ultra low noise reference voltage, and ultra low noise control circuits inside, to generate the ultra low noise current at the output. These series of laser drivers have relative low efficiency.
High Efficiency Laser Drivers
High efficiency laser drivers use high efficiency PWM output stage and can output high current while consuming low power, no heat sink is needed if the current is < 3A.


Product List
  Part # Imax Loop # Linear/Switch
ATLS1A102S (Obsolete, use ATLS1A103S for new designs) ATLS1A102S (Obsolete, use ATLS1A103S for new designs) 1A 2 Linear
ATLS1A102D (Obsolete, use ATLS1A103D for new designs) ATLS1A102D (Obsolete, use ATLS1A103D for new designs) 1A 2 Linear
ATLS1A103S ATLS1A103S 1A 2 Linear
ATLS100MA103S ATLS100MA103S 100mA 2 Linear
ATLS100MA103D ATLS100MA103D 100mA 2 Linear
ATLS1A103D ATLS1A103D 1A 2 Linear
ATLS200MA103S ATLS200MA103S 200mA 2 Linear
ATLS200MA103D ATLS200MA103D 200mA 2 Linear
ATLS250MA103D ATLS250MA103D 250mA 2 Linear
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