As semiconductor laser has the advantages of small size, simple structure, high electro-optical efficiency, long service life, easy modulation and low price, so it has a wide range of applications.

In optical fiber communications, which have become the mainstream of modern communications, semiconductor laser is the only practical light source. Now, it is the fastest growing and the most important light source in the optical communication field.

In laser ranging, semiconductor laser range finder has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, and its error is only hundredth or fifth that of other Optical rangefinders.

In the processing of precision instruments, using high energy ultra short optical pulse generated by Q switch semiconductor laser, the integrated circuit can be cut and drilled. And in general mechanical processing, the high power semiconductor laser also began to be used in soldering, transformation hardening of material surface, material surface cladding, material connection, materials, Titanium alloy surface treatment, laser cleaning, auxiliary machinery processing aspects etc.

In the information storage applications of optical integration, people use short wavelength to readout optical content and use blue and green laser to increase the storage density.

In the application of information processing, two-dimensional array of surface emitting semiconductor laser is the ideal light source of optical parallel processing system, which can be used in optical computing and neural network.

In the military application, semiconductor laser is mainly used for the laser radar, laser ranging, laser fuze, laser guidance and tracking, laser sights and laser gyro.

In addition, the semiconductor laser is also used in environmental monitoring and medical treatment. In environmental detection, people monitor air pollution and automobile exhaust by using the analysis of spectrum to analyze ambient gas. In medicine, semiconductor laser is not only used for soft tissue excision, tissue engaging, coagulation and vaporization, also used in photodynamic therapy.


Keywords: laser, semiconductor laser, laser application