3. Thermoelectric materials

In the view of the research and development of thermoelectric materials, lead telluride is used as a thermoelectric material in the early days, and then TAGS alloy is developed for P-type element (N-type is still PbTe). The temperature of the hot end can be up to 600℃. After using new thermoelectric materials in hundred watt thermoelectric generator and universal thermoelectric generator, the hot end temperature can reach 1000℃ and its mechanical properties and oxidation resistance are very good. In the condition of high temperature, this material is not easy evaporated and can work in vacuum and in air.

In recent ten years, because of the need for environment protection and military application, the research of thermoelectric materials again attracts people’s attention. Currently, the dimensionless figure of merit ZT of the best bulk thermoelectric materials (BiTe) is approximately equal to 1.0. In order to complete with other energy conversion systems, ZT must be increased to 1.5~3.There are three ways: firstly, researching new materials; secondly, studying function gradient materials; thirdly, reducing the material’s dimension. 

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