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TEC Controllers Selection Guide

How and Why Our TEC Controller Has the Highest Efficiency on the Market

We have been developing TEC controllers for > 20 years and accumulated many innovative design, among them, the most critical invention is our unique design of the output driving stage which uses only 1 PWM engine, as opposed to 2 PWM engines by all others designs. This specially design was awarded to a US patent in 2001, the patent number is US 6486643 B2, here is pdf file for the patent.

US Patent US 6486643 B2

TEC (Thermo-Electric Cooler, or Peltier Cooler) is a semiconductor device which can cool down or heat up the temperature of a thermal load depending on the direction of the current going through the two terminals of the TEC. By using a TEC controller, the thermal load temperature can be regulated precisely by controlling the direction and magnitude of the current going through the TEC.


TECA1-xV-xV-D series TEC controllers feature: high efficiency, high stability, high reliability and compact sizes. The maximum current is 2.5A. They are often used for controlling temperature in laser systems. High Stability: 0.01°C

 TECA1-xV-xV-DAH series TEC controllers have higher accuracy than TECA1-xV-xV-D
 series TEC controllers. High Stability: 0.004°C
TEC5V4A-D TEC5V4A-D is almost the same TEC controller as the above TECA1-xV-xV-D TEC/Peltier controller, except that the maximum output current is 4A, as opposed to the 2.5A.
  TEC5V6A-D TEC5V6A-D TEC controller has the same pin out as the above 2 TEC controllers. The maximum output current is 6A.
  TEC28V15A (New) This TEC controller, TEC28V15A, is designed to drive a TEC at high efficiency for regulating the object temperature precisely by controlling the direction and magnitude of the current going through the TEC. It is powered by a DC voltage between 9V to 28V and output current can go up to 15A without using a heat sink.
  TECEV104 The TEC Controller Evaluation Board TECEV104 is consisted of a complete tunable compensation network and application circuit for using our TECA1 series, TEC5V4A-D series, and TEC5V6A-D series TEC controllers to drive a TEC. It can set the output voltage limit, tune the compensation network, and set the set-point temperature. This evaluation board has an LED for indicating the temperature loop status of the controller, and numerous connection pads for making connections with external components and instruments. It is 100 % lead (Pb)-free and RoHS compliant.


  (Not Recommend for New Designs)

This TEC Controller Evaluation Kit TECEV103 can be used for evaluating our TECA1 series TEC controllers conveniently.

TECEV103 has been replaced with TECEV104.

  ATW3A314 (Under Development)

ATW3A314 is a compact high efficiency electronic module, designed for controlling TECs (Thermo-Electric Coolers) for regulating a target object temperature to be within a pre-set temperature window. The main advantage to use this controller is to save energy for battery powered systems: during most of the operating time, the target is within the preset window, and the TEC controller is not turned on, only occationally, the target temperature falls outside the preset window and the TEC controller is turned on to bring the target temperature back to be within the limits.

  ATEC24V10A-D (Under Development)

High Output Voltage: 24V
High Output Current: 10A
High Efficiency: >96%
High Temperature Stability: <0.01°C
Programmable Current Limit
Complete Shielding
Compact Size: 38.8 X 34.5 X 7.5 (mm)
DIP and SMT Packages Available
RoHS Compliance: 100 % lead-free

Product List
  Part # Imax Loop # Linear/Switch
ATW3A314D (Under Development) ATW3A314D (Under Development) 3A Linear
TEC5V4A-D TEC5V4A-D 4A Linear
TEC5V6A-D TEC5V6A-D 6A Linear
TECA1-xV-xV-D TECA1-xV-xV-D 4A Linear
ATEC24V10A-D (Under Development) ATEC24V10A-D (Under Development) 10A Linear
TEC Controller Evaluation Board TECEV104 TEC Controller Evaluation Board TECEV104 N/A No
TECA1-5V-5V-D TECA1-5V-5V-D N/A Linear
TECA1-3V-3V-D TECA1-3V-3V-D N/A Linear
TEC28V15A TEC28V15A 15A No
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