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Our new product, TH2810D, is a high quality high precision LCR meter for measuring DC and LC parameters of passive component. TH2810D has these main features:
1. Using newly developed technologies to achieve high accuracy
2. Large character LCD
3. Measure SMD components
4. Comes 4-wire Kelvin clip
5. Measures both DC and AC parameters of passive components
6. Can send data to a PC through RS-232C interface
This LCR meter can also be used to measure the resistance of the resistors contained in our SMT resistor kits, see here: http://www.analogtechnologies.com/resistorkits.html  
It can also be used for measuring capacitors inside our SMT capacitor kits, see here: http://www.analogtechnologies.com/capacitorkits.html 
It is well known that inductors have 2 parameters: inductance and DCR. TH2810D can measure both of these parameters easily. Our SMT inductor kits have many such inductors which can be precisely measures by this LCR meter: http://www.analogtechnologies.com/inductorkits.htm


TH2810D LCR meter is our newly developed successor instruments for low frequency component measurement. TH2810D with its latest measurement technologies, large character LCD display, surface mount technique, easy of use and excellent appearance can be used for quality control on production line, incoming inspection of components and automatic test system. The RS-232C interface can be used to carry out remote control and statistics and analysis of measurement results.

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