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Imax: 4A

Vmax: 17.5V

Qmax: 34W

DTmax: 78°C

Size: 39.7x39.7x4.10mm


This series of TEC (Thermoelectric Cooler) modules, ATE1-TC-127, has 127 pairs of Peltier elements inside with a maximum voltage of 16.2~17.5 Volt. They are designed for temperature cycling applications, in which a TEC module is exposed to demanding physical stresses as the module shifts from heating to cooling, and this can significantly reduce the operational life of a standard TEC. This thermal cycling TECs have significantly longer thermal cycling operational life than standard TECs. Regulate the temperature of the target object with high changing speed and stabilize the temperature to a wide range with high precision. Thermal cycling TEC modules are widely used for temperature cycling applications, including instrumentation, PCR devices, thermal cyclers, chillers and analyzers, etc.

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